Frey Farms Produce Extends Relationship With CHEP

Made the switch from white wood pallets to address cost issues.

Mt. Vernon, IL: Frey Farms Produce, the largest grower/packer/shipper of pumpkins in the United States announced it has renewed its partnership with CHEP, the world’s leading pallet and container pooling company. Frey Farms Produce is now transporting its branded pumpkins, watermelons and cantaloupes from its facilities in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado and Michigan to supermarkets, wholesalers, club stores, fresh processors and foodservice operators in the United States and Canada on CHEP pallets.

Frey Farms Produce moved from limited-use, non-pooled pallets, known as “white wood,” to the CHEP pallet pooling program primarily to address cost issues. The fresh produce company also wanted to meet customer demands for a high-quality, reliable shipping platform.

“CHEP provides several major benefits, including a cost effective, heavy duty, quality pallet,” said Frey Farms Produce CEO Sarah Talley. “CHEP pallets are very solid, which minimizes in-transit shipping problems and promotes safety in handling. Additionally, being reusable, CHEP enhances sustainability and promotes green initiatives. Using CHEP is a win-win.”

Talley said the CHEP program is more environmentally sustainable than the alternatives. Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system as opposed to limited-use white wood pallets, each year Frey Farms Produce is reducing solid waste generation by almost 100,000 pounds, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 76,000 pounds and saving enough energy to power 55 homes with electricity.*

“Frey Farms Produce is an excellent example of a company that has grown rapidly because of its ability to meet its customers’ demands efficiently,” said CHEP USA senior vice president of sales & marketing Karen Hempel. “CHEP is proud to be playing a role in the streamlining of Frey Farms Produce’s supply chain. Our team is dedicated to working continuously to improve productivity and customer service.”

*Savings based on Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis of CHEP USA pallet pooling program conducted by Franklin Associates. The calculation is based on Franklin Associates, “Solid Waste Analysis And Life Cycle Inventory Of Pallet Systems”, 2009 Update.