To Support Supply Chain Management Solutions, Hillebrand Is Expanding Its North American Warehouse Network

This is the company's first facility in San Diego and another step in the expansion of its US and worldwide logistics capabilities.

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Hillebrand expanded its North American supply chain network to include a new warehouse at The Campus at San Diego Business Park. This is the company's first facility in San Diego and another step in the expansion of its US and worldwide logistics capabilities.   

“We continue to invest in our network and our people in North America to support the beverage industry. This new warehouse location will be significant in serving our valued clients with production in Mexico and Latin America,” stated Scott Moorad, Chief Operating Officer of Hillebrand North America.

What attracted Hillebrand to the property was its location. This key logistics hub provides an efficient point of entry for Mexican import products. This is Hillebrand’s second strategic warehouse location in close proximity to the Mexico border. Hillebrand also has a facility in Laredo, TX that is a key site for the management of beer, spirits and specialty beverages.

“At a time when many competitors are closing shop, Hillebrand continues to grow and thrive,” said Prabh Hans, Vice President of Domestic Services of Hillebrand North America. “This new facility makes the import/export process for beers and tequilas produced in Mexico (other products as well) easier for our customers and can help ease complications with ocean and domestic freight, customs and warehousing.”

HEINEKEN USA will be the first and primary customer to leverage this important new warehouse location near San Diego in their strategic US supply chain footprint.

“A reliable, fast and efficient supply chain is essential for Heineken USA’s business and our ability to unconditionally deliver for our customers. That is why we are grateful for our partnership with Hillebrand, who recently helped us achieve the reality of opening our new warehouse in Otay Mesa,” said Laurens Van De Rotte, SVP & Chief Operations Officer, Heineken USA.

“Working with Hillebrand to open this warehouse not only means we can unlock our efficiencies and simplify our ways of working in the West, it also enables us to further drive value for our customers and safeguard our business continuity.”

Hillebrand offers multiple services under one roof – through one point of contact. Opening this warehouse is just one of many exciting examples of Hillebrand’s supply chain innovations in the works, which will provide comprehensive services to the beverage industry at both domestic and international levels. 

 “This campus will transform beverage logistics through San Diego and Hillebrand’s role in supporting trade across the border,” said Joe Manchaca, Director of Warehousing for Hillebrand.

Another example of how Hillebrand is enabling customers to establish a US distribution network for their imported goods is Koita Foods. Koita, an international organic and plant-based milk producer, uses Hillebrand supply chain services for its milk products, sold in 11 countries, including the US. 

“The experts at Hillebrand help us with customs, duty, all documentation, warehousing and even last mile delivery. That is a huge win in my book,” said Mustafa Koita, Founder and CEO of Koita Foods. “There is no team out there who would do as much as Hillebrand does for my company. They hold your hand through tough border guidelines and rules and have extensive knowledge to guide you towards success in transporting.”