Sherwood Food Distributors Selects Fr8Hub to Move Cross-Border Freight from Texas

Sherwood Food Distributors has selected Fr8Hub to help move loads out of Laredo, Texas.

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Sherwood Food Distributors

Sherwood Food Distributors, one of the largest independent meat distributors in the United States, has selected Fr8Hub to help move loads out of Laredo, Texas.

“Our brand promise to customers depends on the quality and freshness of our meat, so we wanted the efficiency, flexibility and visibility of a digital freight broker,” says Ari Stern, Logistics Director, Sherwood Food Distributors. “The visibility and tracking that Fr8Hub provides, knowing where a truck is and when it will arrive, is invaluable for perishable products and customers that depend on maximum shelf life.”

Fr8Hub's digital freight marketplace directly matches cross-border shippers through the domestic United States and Mexico, which will be essential to the new partnership as Sherwood ships over 20 million pounds of food products weekly. 

Laredo, Texas is a border city between the two countries and has been the largest port in the United States since March 2019.

“Companies like Sherwood need the kind of freight visibility that Fr8Hub provides, to ensure that their product arrives at stores and restaurants on time and ready for the shelf,” says Ohad Axelrod, Co-Founder and CEO, Fr8Hub. “Expanding our network’s capacity for refrigerated loads has been a focus for us in 2019, to prepare for leading distributors like Sherwood.”

Fr8Hub is focused on cross-border shipping, providing flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR), cross-border shipping.