Netlog Logistics To Construct Six Cold Chain Storage Facilities In Turkey

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is giving the logistics company in Turkey a loan of up to €25 million for new investments.

Netlog Lojistik Hizmetleri A.S. (Netlog), one of the largest third-party logistics service providers in Turkey and one of the country’s leading food logistics operators, recently announced they have secured a €25 million? loan from The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)? to expand its network of temperature-controlled storage and distribution facilities.

The loan will support the sustainable growth of the company by financing its capacity expansion program, including the construction and implementation of six cold chain storage facilities across Turkey, including in Istanbul, Ankara, Mugla and the eastern cities of Mersin, Erzurum and Diyarbakir.

“Netlog is a well-known solution provider with its supply chain management expertise in the food sector in Turkey. Our extensive know-how with regard to food safety and prioritizing health measures make us a preferred solution partner for both manufacturing companies and for the stores that sell these companies’ products," said Netlog Logistics Group Vice President, Gökalp Çak "This loan is the first deal with an international financial institution for Netlog. Our cooperation with the EBRD to fund our ongoing capacity increase in this field was a very rewarding experience for us.”

EBRD Director for Agribusiness, Gilles Mettetal, said: “Turkey’s climate means that all transported goods, including food, are exposed to hot and cold temperatures, depending on the season. This, in turn, means that in order to reduce its high amount of food waste, Turkey needs more temperature-controlled logistics facilities. We believe that by building up its network of cold chain warehouses Netlog is not only making a good business decision, but also contributing to food security in the country”. 

The EBRD has also undertaken an energy efficiency audit of Netlog’s existing facilities and truck fleet. Energy efficiency is a priority for the EBRD in Turkey, and the current loan will support Netlog’s installation of energy efficiency facilities.

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