Hawaii Mayors Commit to 100 Percent Renewable Trucking by 2045

Earlier this month, Hawaii’s four mayors made a joint commitment to take the state's ground transportation off of fossil fuels.

Fast Company
Hawaii State Route 250

Earlier this month, Hawaii’s four mayors made a joint commitment to take Hawaii’s ground transportation off of fossil fuels.

The mayors imagine a future where within 28 years, all cars, trucks, trains and buses will be fueled by renewable energy across the state. That means Hawaii would no longer ship oil into their ports to move food from the farm to the dinner table. It also means when residents hop on the bus to go to work, their ride won’t pollute the air they breathe. The group believes this is possible, another controversial idea: internet, which connects the globe, was invented just 28 years ago.  

Here’s why Hawaii’s mayors, the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, and the startup community are coming together to make this happen now:

  1. Waiting is not an option.
  2. They believe their people are leading.
  3. They say it is possible to innovate your way to the future.

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