Consumers Want Local Food and Forager and ReposiTrak Aim to Solve It

Grocers seeking to build and expand their local food offerings can now leverage ReposiTrak’s supplier marketplace, combined with Forager’s deep expertise in local food procurement and extensive farmer network

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Forager, whose platform digitizes and streamlines the local food procurement process for grocers and gives them access to large independent farm networks, so that grocers and farmers can grow the U.S. local food system, announces its partnership with ReposiTrak, the market leader in supplier management and compliance for hundreds of top grocers. This joint venture seeks to maximize ReposiTrak’s MarketPlace supplier sourcing platform for retailers with Forager’s leadership, expertise and solutions set in local sourcing, as well as its expansive local food marketplace. The two companies are exhibiting together for the first time at NGA, at booth 729.

“The combination of ReposiTrak MarketPlace and Forager will enable food retailers to source a steady supply of local products in their stores, such as produce,” said ReposiTrak Chairman and CEO Randy Fields. “Food retailers will be able to source from high quality and independent farms in Forager’s network through MarketPlace.”

As shown in a recent survey from Forager, local food is key to grocers’ success - and a weak point for many, with 73% of respondents either “somewhat” or “not” satisfied with the quality and availability of local food at their regular grocery store. This dissatisfaction translates directly to business opportunity for grocers, with 80% of respondents stating that they are likely to change where they shop, if more local food were to be made available at a different grocery store and year-round.

“Having a large array of local products year-round in store is a number one strategy for grocers to bring in consumers, increase basket sizes and earn loyal customers,” notes David D. Stone, founder of Forager. “Using the ReposiTrak MarketPlace, currently accessible to hundreds of retail buyers, in conjunction with Forager’s unparalleled local food expertise and solution set, as an avenue to reach Forager’s network of local produce, suppliers will help grocers meet the increasing consumer expectations of local food availability.”