MODEX Attendees Exhibit Signs of Big Supply Chain Investments in the Future

Attendees are looking for technology, automation and e-commerce fulfillment solutions for their operations.

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MODEX 2022 is just a couple weeks away, but the registrants on board to attend what is dubbed as the premier supply chain event are already planning for the future.

In fact, MODEX attendees’ demographics and spending habits are tracking in line with the last two previous MODEX events with regards to exhibiting signs of big supply chain investments in the future.


For example:

  • 85% have buying power
  • 35% plan on spending over $1 million over the next 18 months
  • 50% are corporate or senior management
  • 30% are middle management or IT/engineering
  • 60% are looking for solutions for distribution centers or warehouses
  • 29% are looking for solutions for manufacturing facilities
  • 45% are coming exclusively to network and learn
  • 40% are coming exclusively to see new products and innovations

When it comes to the solutions MODEX 2022 attendees are looking for, attendees are looking for technology, automation and e-commerce fulfillment solutions. The top product interest categories for attendees are:

  • Automation and robotics equipment and systems 
  • Software, including artificial intelligence 
  • Conveyor and sortation equipment 
  • Automatic identification and data collection/radio frequency identification 
  • Packaging and shipping solutions 
  • Sustainability and alternative energy solutions 
  • Racks, shelving and storage equipment 
  • Ergonomic and safety equipment 

When it comes to their goals for attending, MODEX 2022 attendees are saying their top reasons for attending are to find new supply chain innovations and to network and learn. These statistics are an early indication of high interest in gaining new information to inform investments in the manufacturing and supply chain equipment and systems that will be showcased at MODEX.