West Palm Beach Latest City to Streamline Foodservice Logistics

West Palm Beach becomes the next city to adopt smart curbs in an effort to streamline deliveries and logistics processes for the foodservice and restaurant industry.

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Rosemary Square of West Palm Beach, Fla. is now equipped with a Smart Zone pilot program from Coord for better curb management to combat congestion. Commercial drivers use digital tools from Coord to find available loading zones. Additionally, West Palm Beach taps the data derived from the technology to make city planning decisions with greater and accurate knowledge. Numerous cities throughout the United States have been working to better manage traffic and commercial vehicles, as more and more product starts to move. This latest technology adoption alludes to a future where general city infrastructure embeds with technology on a closer level. 

Per West Palm Beach

  • This follows West Palm Beach’s selection by Coord as one of four U.S. cities to participate in the company’s inaugural Digital Curb Challenge to undertake a brand new curb management program. 
  • Smart Zones, powered by Coord’s technology, enable commercial drivers to use the mobile devices they already use every day to locate nearby available loading zones and to hold, book, and pay for time in them.
  • The pilot program builds upon West Palm Beach’s recent switch to flex zones