AmazonFresh Introduces Amazon Dash Scanning Wand

The new Amazon Dash scanning wand connects to home Wi-Fi networks and works directly with AmazonFresh accounts to scan products that are running low and automatically get them delivered through their grocery delivery service.

The technology team at Amazon is pushing the food industry to adapt and evolve or get out of the way again, announcing the launch of a new Amazon Dash scanning wand that connects to home Wi-Fi networks and works directly with AmazonFresh accounts to revolutionizing the way customers will shop.

The small wand travels with you around the house to scan products that are running low, like boxes of cereal and pasta, cans of soup and vegetables, and bags of pet food No more shopping lists,  just scan what you need. And no driving to the store - the items will show up on your doorstep through Amazon's grocery delivery service.

The wand also has a microphone, so, "Say or scan items into your Dash, and then view the list on your desktop or mobile device to purchase and schedule delivery."

Amazon Dash is currently available on a trial basis with select AmazonFresh customers at no additional cost. A video explaining the barcode scanner-with microphone makes it clear Amazon is targeting busy parents, and its tagline is, "Shopping made simple."

Tying the wand into its own delivery service is what Amazon hopes will give them a competitive edge and  increase adoption of its delivery service.

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