NiceLabel Develops Solution For New EU Food Labeling Regulation

Solution will help food suppliers achieve compliance with the new allergen labeling regulations, with minimum effort and change to current procedures or hardware.

Coming at the end of 2014, all companies who manufacture, sell or import food into the EU market need to comply with the new EU food regulation that states the mandatory information on the package or label on food products, like the name of the food, list of ingredients, net quantity, etc.  One of the biggest challenges companies face is the labeling of certain substances or products causing allergies or intolerances. 

Food suppliers are required to clearly highlight allergens in the ingredients list and to emphasize them by means of the font, style or background color. These requirements make the labeling process particularly challenging for the companies producing many different food items in smaller quantities and thus printing labels on-demand.

To help such companies achieve compliance with the new regulation with minimal effort and without the need to purchase new printers, NiceLabel has developed a solution that generates smart labels. These smart labels allow companies to automatically highlight allergens without modifying their existing databases or purchasing new printers.

NiceLabel dynamically formats the allergens text before printing and is compatible with any existing page or label printer. The NiceLabel solution is ideal for on-demand labeling including bakery, sandwich, delicatessen, and other retail and catering applications.

“The NiceLabel food allergens solution produces labels which automatically and clearly emphasize the 14 substances listed within the EU regulations and also have the flexibility for related words to be highlighted as desired. Once implemented, the database of allergens and related descriptors is easily maintained, also in the case of multi-lingual labels. NiceLabel is unique in that it allows users with no programming knowledge to create their own printing solutions,” said Ken Moir, Global Marketing Director at NiceLabel.

To learn more about EU Food Regulation solution or to download the NiceLabel free trial, click HERE.