Amazon Fresh Giving Away Free Food in New San Francisco Market

Amazon Fresh is delivering bags of food to the doorsteps of city residents as a promotion for its grocery delivery service that launched in the San Francisco market in December.

Amazon Prime customers in San Francisco are getting a little extra incentive to try out Amazon Fresh, thanks to the delivery of some free care packages from the grocery service. According to this post on, the online delivery giant is courting customers in their new market by delivering free food to the doorsteps of customers who are already enrolled in their Amazon Prime program.

The tactic appears to have worked, since Twitter lit up with reports from around the city that Amazon was delivering bags of food to the doorsteps of city residents. While it’s not perfectly clear why some people were getting Amazon Fresh deliveries, the common thread was an Amazon Prime subscription.

Insiders are skeptical on what this means for Amazon Fresh’s penetration in San Francisco, saying it may indicate that Amazon is having a harder time cracking the Bay Area grocery delivery market, which is already full of competitors, including Google Shopping Express and Instacart, which was started by a former Amazon employee. 

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