OMNIQ’s AI Solution to Integrate with Zebra Technologies in Creating an Advanced Logistics Yard Management System

Yard management systems are key components of supply chain logistics management, bridging transportation systems with supply for manufacturing and warehouse management systems.

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OMNIQ Corp. announced that it has partnered with Zebra Technologies Corporation to offer an AI-based yard management solution that incorporates real-time location capabilities with accurate and automated identification and tracking capabilities to optimize asset flow within manufacturing and distribution centers. Yard management systems are key components of supply chain logistics management, bridging transportation systems with supply for manufacturing and warehouse management systems.  

OMNIQ’s proprietary Neural Network-based algorithm, which provides accurate automated vehicle recognition (VRS) and container recognition capabilities, will be used in the Zebra MotionWorks location solution. The system automates the identification of assets such as trucks, trailers, and containers, the tracking of locations, and the status and motion of assets and other resources, allowing customers to monitor and manage these assets and their cargo with increased control, minimized downtime and maximized performance. By having actionable insights from quantifiable, real-time data and enhanced visibility of goods and assets, customers can better streamline workflows, ensure product replenishment, and expedite shipping in a safer and more efficient yard environment.

Yard management is crucial to smooth logistics operations. Failure in one part of the process can negatively affect all aspects of operations and inhibit an operator’s ability to deliver shipments on a timely basis. For example, when a trailer goes to the wrong dock, it must be removed and the space allocated to the correct trailer, causing a significant delay. These issues and many other challenges can adversely impact efficiencies and create costly delays.   An effective yard management solution is important in improving worker productivity, dock planning, streamlining the movement of goods and optimizing vehicle movement.

“Our Neural Network-based AI algorithm has proven its efficiency and accuracy in many classified locations in the U.S. and Israel,” said Shai Lustgarten, President and CEO of OMNIQ. “We are pleased to work with a company like Zebra, which recorded almost $4.5 billion in sales in 2019, to combine our ‘battle-proven’ technology with Zebra’s state-of-the-art yard management solution. Yard logistics can be extremely costly if not optimally managed. Our cloud-based AI machine vision technology contributes to Zebra MotionWorks location solution by adding the capability to accurately and efficiently identify and track vehicles, containers, trailers and cargo in a terminal yard, optimizing the flow of these assets, with security and access control from arrival in the yard, to yard location assignment, to exit. With better optimization of space and asset movement through actionable intelligence driven by real-time data, the solution transforms the logistics yard into an extension of an efficient warehouse.”

Specifically, Zebra MotionWorks with OMNIQ’s access control and security solution provides yard management benefits that include:

  • Efficient identification and authentication of containers and trucks
  • Automatic vehicle plate recognition and arrival notice
  • Intelligent location of truck and container positions
  • Efficient warehouse entrance operation
  • Authentication and destination point alerts for exit gate operations
  • Real-time reporting, analytics, and insights