Transfix Launches AI-Driven Software Suite for Enterprise Brokers and Carriers

Transfix released its first set of solutions since being acquired by NFI Industries.

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Transfix released its first set of solutions following its acquisition by NFI Industries.

The software suite enables customers to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into each stage of the load lifecycle, translating into more time spent focusing on priority tasks, including booking new loads and securing capacity, as well as a significant decrease in processing costs throughout the freight management process.

“Our 10-plus-year history running a successful brokerage enabled us to develop solutions with one thing in mind—finding and gaining an edge. Every minute counted when we were on the front lines of freight brokerage, so we know firsthand the value these types of tools can bring to others,” says Jonathan Salama, CEO and co-founder of Transfix. “Our initial suite of software offerings allows freight business leaders to create new and bespoke efficiencies within their existing tech stack - whether proprietary or third party - with the power of AI and automation, in a fast, impactful, and measurable way.”

Key takeaways:

The modular solutions span across the following categories:

  • AutoBid. Instantly price contract and spot freight with proprietary pricing algorithms, connect directly into shippers’ transportation management systems (TMS) with autobidders.
  • AutoAccept. Automate acceptance and rejection of freight based on pre-defined rules aligned to customer KPI standards.
  • AutoSched. Use predictive scheduling to communicate with shipper systems to select the highest quality appointments.
  • AutoBook. Automate load coverage using a waterfall selection process and coach brokers to identify the best option and collaborate internally in real-time.
  • AutoValidate. Transition shipment ownership seamlessly with GenAI-powered load summaries and fight fraud with load verification.
  • A new interactive calculator helps businesses assess the cost-saving impact these solutions can have on their operations.

“If the Transfix system was an available product when we were looking to build our own, we wouldn't have built it at all,” says David Broering, president of integrated logistics solutions at NFI. “There is an evolution coming in the freight tech space - one that will accelerate the unbundling of the TMS in favor of powerful and dynamic components. Transfix is the first to really get in front of this critical shift. What they have blew us away. Each component has a depth and capability that is unmatched in our industry.”