Protect Your Business with Accurate Property Valuations

Would your property valuations stand up to increased underwriter scrutiny?

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In the wake of rising inflation, property valuations have become critical points of negotiation for food, farm and agriculture businesses at renewal. Underwriters want answers to these critical questions:

  • When was the last time your risk's values were appraised?
  • Have inflationary increases been applied to your property values?
  • When was the last time you completed a business interruption worksheet?

Download Gallagher’s latest whitepaper and discover:

  • How valuations are impacting premiums, limits and deductibles
  • Why current, accurate appraisals are imperative
  • Alternative valuation methods when appraisals are unavailable 

With more than 200 dedicated specialists in 68 countries worldwide, Gallagher’s Food & Agriculture practice offers a wide range of insurance and risk management solutions for the food and agriculture industry all designed to help you optimize your total cost of risk.

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