Holiday Season Reminder: Don't Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Food Logistics wants to remind its readers that eating raw cookie dough isn't safe.

David Fartek I I Ur Yg L Ya Unsplash

It's been a rough couple of years for food recalls, but this holiday season the CDC is reminding consumers that they can easily prevent themselves from being sick by avoiding eating raw cookie dough... no matter how good it is.

Unbaked products that are supposed to be cooked, such as dough or batter can often lead to sickness, the CDC warns, urging people to "say no to raw dough."

Cookie Dough

Baked goods two primary ingredients, raw flower and raw eggs, have been known to be a carrier of salmonella bacteria and E. coli. When baked correctly, both bacteria are killed. Contaminated food that is not cooked or undercooked can make people ill. 

In 2016 more than 60 people across the United States fell ill with E. coli after consuming raw flour. 

Every year the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service and the CDC dish out the warnings of the harm raw dough can do, instead encouraging consumers to eat cookie dough alternatives, but not everyone is agreeing with them