Recycling Group Recognizes The Kennedy Group For Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Labels are recognized by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) for providing the ideal solution for PET bottle recycling.

The Kennedy Group's PureVue labels are an ideal solution for PET bottle recycling (PRNewsFoto/The Kennedy Group).
The Kennedy Group's PureVue labels are an ideal solution for PET bottle recycling (PRNewsFoto/The Kennedy Group).

The Kennedy Group, a leading provider of labeling, packaging, and identification solutions, was recognized by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) at its June Membership Meeting for exceeding voluntary guidelines under APR's Critical Guidance Recognition Program.

The Recognition Program supports companies that create innovative packaging technologies and successfully design products that avoid disrupting and contaminating plastic recycling streams. Pressure-sensitive labels used on packaging are problematic for recycling when the adhesive on the label does not wash off or does not float in water.

The Kennedy Group's new PureVue™ pressure-sensitive clear and white film labels meet the strictest guidance given in APR's Guidance Document for Pressure-Sensitive Labels. To achieve APR recognition, The Kennedy Group had to demonstrate that the PureVue™ label and adhesive can be removed cleanly from the PET container, the ink on the label does not bleed and that the label floats to allow complete separation of the label from the PET.

"We are pleased that The Kennedy Group recognizes the importance of using APR Guidance Documents when creating new innovations for plastic packaging," commented Steve Alexander, APR's Executive Director.

John Standish, APR's Technical Director, added, "The Kennedy Group has taken a huge step in helping to generate good clean material available for recycling, and for working with the industry to ensure their innovations are compatible with existing recycling technology."

"The Kennedy Group is honored to receive this recognition from APR, and we are committed to developing innovative products that promote recycling and sustainability," said Patrick Kennedy, VP Sales and Marketing, The Kennedy Group.

With the introduction of PureVue™, The Kennedy Group is complementing its industry-leading family of pressure-sensitive labels with a product ideal for environmentally conscious brand owners who work with label and bottle manufacturers that demand high-performance food-grade recycled PET materials.

PET Label Recycling

A comprehensive recycling solution, PureVue™ labels address label, adhesive, and ink requirements for food-grade recycling.

Labels – Available in both clear and white, these pressure-sensitive film stocks have a density of less than 1.0. Both the clear and white products feature ultra-thin PET liners that add to sustainability goals.

Adhesives – The labels feature a unique adhesive that adheres or releases from the PET bottle, depending on external stimuli. The water-based adhesive adheres to the bottle for its lifecycle and releases from the bottle during the sink/float process at a recycling facility. During this process, the label and the adhesive cleanly separate from the PET flake.

Inks – PureVue™ label inks completely separate from the PET flake, as required for food-grade recycling. Kennedy Group inks ensure that during the sink/float process, the bath is not discolored, the inks remain on the labels, and that there are no flakes/precipitates in the solutions.

PureVue™ labels satisfy consumer demand for sustainable packaging without compromising high quality and vibrant packaging that promotes brand owner shelf appeal to increase market share.

For more information about PureVue™ labels and other sustainable products available from The Kennedy Group, visit the company's website at