Giant Food Stores, Peapod Expand Order Online, Pick Up Service

Giant Pick Up service allows customers to place an order for groceries online, pay for the order and then select a convenient time to pick-up their groceriesis available at a total of 12 Giant stores now.

Giant Food Stores recently announced they continue to roll out their Giant Pick Up service that  allows customers to place an order for groceries online, pay for the order and then select a convenient time to pick-up their groceries. The service is made possible through a partnership with Giant’s sister company,  Peapod and is now available at 12 Giant Food stores.

This story details the service available at the store in Royersford, Pa.

“Giant Pick Up is a convenient and affordable option that enables customers to shop when they want and how they want to from their smartphone or computer and then pick up their groceries without having to leave the comfort of their vehicle,” said John MacDonald, director of marketing and external communications.

The company had operated a pilot program in its Camp Hill store, according to Christopher Brand, Giant’s manager of public and customer relations. The pilot, called Shop at Home, was launched in 2008.

“It was a way for customers to go online, place an order and we would shop from the aisles with our associates. You would then pull up and pay and we would load your car and drive away. We learned a lot of things from the pilot,” he said.

Brand said one of the key things the company learned was that having pick up locations in a variety of places would require associates in each of the stores to pull and pack the product. As part of the partnership with Peapod, Brand said a Peapod “wareroom” has been opened — attached to the Coopersburg store.

“In the back of the store is a 20,000-square-foot ‘wareroom’ which holds thousands of the most popular products we carry,” he added. “Then, a team uses that space exclusively for the online orders, rather than trying to navigate 75,000 to 100,000 square feet. As professional shoppers they scan, pick and bag the items that come through on the Peapod website.”

Taking advantage of the pick-up service is easy. Shoppers visit or the Peapod app on their smartphone where they enter their zip code. Once there, they can add items to their cart, select a payment method and then choose a convenient one hour pick-up time any day of the week. There is no fee for the service and no minimum purchase required.

Manufacturer coupons are accepted and doubled and customers will be prompted to enter them at the time of payment. When customers arrive at their designated pick up location, an attendant will put the bags directly into their car.

Brand said the Coopersburg location was expanded to accommodate the warerooms with walls and two loading docks added to accommodate the Peapod delivery trucks. Eighty new associates were hired as professional shoppers for the wareroom.

“It’s really a fresh pick facility. The only people in there are Giant associates, picking fresh as orders come through,” Brand said. “For the most part, the website mirrors what’s in the wareroom. We traditionally carry about 35,000 products in a store compared with 18,000 in the wareroom. It’s a narrowing of the assortment to increase efficiency so we can get it done for you and serve you quickly.”

A customer places and order and schedules a pick-up for the next day. The orders are packed at the Coopersburg wareroom and then delivered to the store prior to the pick-up time. The stores have refrigerated bins outside the store, and an associate will meet the customer and load their car.

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