ANP Tech Develops a One-Step Test for Toxins

The one-step test uses technology originally developed for the Department of Defense to detect biological agents and pathogens in water

ANP Tech, a Newark-based technology firm, announced this week that their one-step toxins test created from technology originally developed for the U.S. Department of Defense will soon be making its way into Delaware grocery stores. The NIDS ACE III-C, a rapid color test much like a pregnancy test, has found its way onto grocery store shelves in Delaware. It's also available at ANP Tech’s website,, and on

“Due to DOD budget sequestration, ANP is quickly diversifying itself from the defense sector to the commercial sector,” explains Ray Yin, president and CEO for ANP. “Many people are more conscientious about nutritional values of the food they consume each day without knowing that the low level of pesticides they could be taking in from various food and drink sources can be toxic to them in the long run.” To read more, click HERE.