Taiwan's FDA Sorry for Food Safety Mistakes

Premier Jiang Yi-huah calls the early and mistaken release of the cooking oil investigations "unforgivable" and calls out the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Last week we showcased the story about the food fraud and safety issue in Taiwan in regards to the "cooking oil" scandal at Chang Chi Foodstuff Factory Co. and and Flavor Full Food Inc., mislabeling and adulterating cooking oils. It turns out, the Taiwanese government suffered a little embarrassment of their own over this issue earlier this week with the early release of their investigation.

On Wednesday morning, Taiwan's FDA released a list of 37 oil products that were apparently to be pulled from the shelves, including products from brand-name companies and imported oil, but later that day the agency amended the statement that had been sent to local health authorities, saying it was meant to say "conducting factory examinations" rather than "pulling off the shelves."

According to the Taipei TimesPremier Jiang Yi-huah has fired the officials responsible and said they should be more careful when handling food safety cases, especially when the issue is at the center of public attention, to prevent erosion of confidence in the government’s ability to deal with the problem. To read more, click HERE.