US Rep Calls Hours-of-Service Rules Flawed

Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) is calling on Congress to fix the "flawed regulatory process"

House Representative Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) issued a statement this week, following the rumor this week that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will miss its September 30 deadline for reporting the results of an hours-of-service study, calling on members of Congress to “bring relief to our nation’s truckers, small business and consumers — and restore some commonsense to this flawed regulatory process.”

In Jul,y Hanna proposed an amendment to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act that would have essentially overturned the hours rule by stripping FMCSA of its enforcement funding for the rule, but the bill was pulled from the House on July 31, right before Congress recessed for August. To read more, click HERE.