Retailers And FBI Renew Efforts To Combat Retail Crime

Launch enhanced version of the Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network, a secure national database that allows retailers to share information to combat organized retail crime.

Washington: America’s Leading retail industry associations announced today a plan to launch an enhanced version of the Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network (LERPnet), a secure national database that allows retailers to share information to combat organized retail crime (ORC).

The ISO Crime Analytics unit of Verisk Analytics is developing and will manage the new system, LERPnet 2.0. More information about LERPnet can be found at

In response to an alarming rise in organized retail crime the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), National Retail Federation (NRF) and Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) collaborated with the FBI to create LERPnet in 2007. Since then, retailers have used the system to share information on retail theft and other critical incidents among themselves and in collaboration with law enforcement.

“Organized theft rings steal billions of dollars of merchandise every year, victimizing retailers, endangering the safety of retail employees, and raising the price of consumer goods,” says Joe LaRocca, vice president of Loss Prevention for NRF. “We’ve built a strong alliance with retailers, and we’re building on a strong platform while applying the lessons that we’ve all learned in the last five years to strengthen the message to criminals: we will not tolerate your behavior, and we will stop you.”

Lisa LaBruno, vice president of loss prevention and legal affairs for RILA, adds, “By strengthening LERPnet and enhancing its functionality, retailers and law enforcement can leverage recent technological advances to further protect our stores, our brands, our employees, and — most important — our customers. We’re excited to work with Verisk Analytics given its exceptional track record in developing and managing world-class crime data management and analysis systems.”

“LERPnet has demonstrated the potential for retailers and law enforcement to identify and respond to a variety of theft patterns while making connections between events not easily identified by a single retailer,” says Rhett Asher, vice president of industry relations for FMI. “LERPnet 2.0 will allow retailers and law enforcement to fully realize this potential.”

“Verisk Analytics has a long history of supporting retailers with a number of initiatives specifically focused to support the retail asset protection industry,” explainsd Kevin McMenimen, vice president at the ISO Crime Analytics unit of Verisk Analytics. “We’re excited to further assist the retail industry in taking their crime fighting efforts to the next level by combining the retail industry experience and significant data management capabilities of Verisk Analytics.”

Retailers lose more than $30 billion dollars annually to theft and loss, resulting in decreased profits, higher prices, and safety concerns for retail employees and customers. According to the 2010 NRF ORC Survey, 89 percent of retailers said they have been victimized by organized retail crime and 59 percent say the problem has increased.