Abu Dhabi Creates a Food Safety App

New app allows residents of Abu Dhabi Emirate to report food safety violations on the spot with their smartphones

Building off the popularity of customers in restaurants using their smartphones to take pictures of food and drinks to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has taken food safety in their country one step further by introducing its own smart phone application that will help residents to report the food safety violations with pictures. The application, named ADFCA, is available in Google Play Store and it can be easily downloaded within a few seconds.?

“This app will act as our [authority’s] eye in the hands of people,” said Mohammad Jalal Al Raisi, Director of Communication and Community Service at ADFCA.

A module named "Food Safety Guard" in the application helps residents to report food safety violations. When a resident takes a picture of an incident by using that module, it gets stored automatically on the device itself and upon submitting the report, it will be sent to authority’s “Case Management System”, Al Raisi said. The incident will get logged to the authority’s backend Customer Relations Management [CRM] application, where the complaint process will be handled by the respective inspectors. “We will take immediate action upon receiving the complaints,” according to the ADFCA. To read more, click HERE.