Uber Freight Brings Generative AI to Enterprise Shippers

Uber Freight unveiled Insights AI, a new Gen AI solution to help accelerate actionable insights and transform decision-making in logistics.

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Uber Freight unveiled Insights AI, a new Gen AI solution to help accelerate actionable insights and transform decision-making in logistics.

Insights AI uses large language models (LLMs) to enable intuitive insights discovery and data exploration from Uber Freight’s vast store of transportation data.

“By harnessing the capabilities of advanced AI, Insights AI empowers shippers with seamless and immediate access to their proprietary data as well as nuanced insights from across the industry,” says Minji Lee, director and head of applied and data science at Uber Freight. “Built on one of the world’s largest, live transportation datasets, Insights AI will transform decision making in logistics, enhance operational efficiency and deliver benefits throughout the entire supply chain.”

Key takeaways:

  • Uber Freight partnered with thousands of shippers over more than two decades across $18 billion freight under management (FUM) of transportation decisions, dynamics, and outcomes. Tapping into the industry’s most robust managed datasets, Insights AI offers shippers relevant, timely insights that are contextualized within the broader market, yet curated to their specific supply chain. 
  • Insights AI distills a shipper’s transportation dynamics, isolating decisions and contributing factors to surface key drivers in shipper operations in a flash. It also helps Uber Freight look ahead for shippers by referencing outcomes from similar decisions in comparable market dynamics to see the potential impact of alternative decisions.
  • With Insights AI, shippers can unlock a new way to explore insights on-demand using natural transportation language. It translates questions like “What are my key service drivers?” into inputs powering data science analyses. Behind the scenes, Insights AI navigates SQL, correlation analyses, regression models, and more to analyze shippers’ network variables and compare them with industry benchmarks. With the click of a button, shippers can unlock 10-plus steps to parse, decide, and generate insights in combination with deterministic systems.
  • Insights AI leverages 45 data points from tens of millions of shipments from the last two years as a starting point.
  • In its first iteration, Insights AI will provide proactive, actionable insights to optimize transportation outcomes for shippers. That means monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the highest-impact trends across the broader transportation market, Uber Freight’s shipper peer group, and shippers’ own network performance.

“Insights AI reimagines transportation planning as a fully empowered exercise and truly represents the next generation of logistics technology,” says Raj Subbiah, head of product at Uber Freight. “By bringing together the power of generative AI with our deep expertise and an unparalleled transportation dataset, we’re completely transforming the way logistics decisions are made across service, cost, routing guides, planning and tracking.”