Delta Mossel Utilizes Combined Solution from Descartes and Schouw

European mussel and oyster supplier transforms operations with integrated EDI solution

Amersfoort, NetherlandsOct. 24, 2012Delta Mossel, one of the largest mussel and oyster suppliers in Europe, automated its operations with electronic communication that meets the compliance requirements of its retail customers using a combined solution from Descartes Systems Group and Schouw Informatisering.

“We are continuously looking for new ways to innovate,” said Carolein van de Plasse, Sales Manager, Delta Mossel. “The close collaboration between Descartes and Schouw allowed us to transform our operations by implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV(R) and SI Foodware(R) for enterprise resource planning (ERP) combined with Descartes' Go-secure business-to-business (B2B) connectivity service. The joint solution enabled us to eliminate many manual procedures, such as order processing using fax and telephone. It is helping us to better service existing customers, as well as generate more business. Our new capability to deliver to the automated DC-Fresh distribution center of Delhaize, a leading grocery chain in Belgium, is just one concrete example.”

An increasing number of retailers—supermarket retailers in particular—only do business with companies that handle orders and invoices using electronic data interchange (EDI). This requires suppliers, like Delta Mossel, to be EDI-compliant in order to exchange the required data and business documents with its customers. As a result, Schouw and Descartes developed an integrated EDI solution model that can be implemented rapidly.

“The combined solution levels the communications playing field for suppliers of all sizes to be able to meet the requirements of enterprises demanding EDI-driven communication,” said Danny Cevaal, Commercial Manager, Schouw Informatisering. “Both Schouw and Descartes contributed considerable domain expertise leading to a solution that is reliable, user-friendly, and quickly delivers value.”

And for companies such as Delta Mossel, “the ability to communicate electronically to customers not only contributes to streamlined operations by reducing manual process and inaccuracies but is a driver for growth,” said Fred van der Heide, Vice President of Product Strategy, Descartes Systems Group.

“We are pleased that the collaboration with Schouw has resulted in a combined solution that is delivering value for Delta Mossel and the industry,” said Van Der Heide.