Semi-Truck Snags Power Lines, Knocks Out Power On Armory Drive

A semi truck snagged an electric line on Armory Drive just north of Mockingbird Lane, knocking out power for several residents on Thursday.

The Vision Logistics truck driven by Dallas resident Johnny Box was headed south on Armory Drive when it caught a low hanging line, dragging down three electrical poles at about 1:23 p.m., said Senior Patrol Officer Travis Hanson.

"There was a flash. That's how I knew something was wrong," says Box. "When I saw the flash, I stopped the truck."

Box said he called the Victoria Police Department then moved a safe distance from the truck. Power was knocked out for several blocks down Mockingbird and on Gemini Court.

Roy Taylor, 55, property manager for the homes on Gemini Court, said the homes there were without power for almost an hour.

"We are checking into the height of the poles and measuring the wires," says American Electric Power Supervisor of Distribution Russell Coleman.

An additional four hours of work was estimated to restore power service to the 20 customers on Armory Drive and re-open the road. Coleman figured damages at between $10,000 and $12,000 to the electric poles and wires.

Hanson said Armory Drive is not zoned against semi-truck traffic. There will be no citations, but Box will be found at fault for failure to judge if the height of the wire was safe for his truck.

No one was injured.