Top 10 Most Read Food Logistics Articles of 2018

It has been quite a year for the global food supply chain.

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It has been quite a year for the global food supply chain. Food safety and the cold chain were hot topics of discussion has recall after recall made the news. With emerging trends in technology and 3PLs, Food Logistics readers had an unlimited supply of information to dive into. Here are the top 10 most read Food Logistics articles of 2018.

10.) Consumer Demand Fuels Continued Cold Storage Growth

Food Logistics checks in with Americold's Jason DeLoach to gauge the temperature of the cold storage sector in this article.

9.) Challenges and Opportunities for Foodservice Industry in 2018

In September 2017, Food Logistics editor Lara Sowinski participated as a panelist during KINEXO’s executive summit. It gathered together the company’s customers, suppliers and industry representatives to share supply chain insights and best practices. After the event, Sowinski followed up with KINEXO president, Todd Williams, for his thoughts on trends in the foodservice industry.

8.) Top 3 Trends Facing the Cold Chain Industry

The food industry has faced numerous changes to its supply chain within recent years. Consumers are shifting these demands by being focused on the food retailers’ “perimeter” real estate, including foods that generally require temperature-controlled storage throughout the supply chain. Greg Lehmkuhl discusses trends and innovations that are poised to have the greatest impact on the industry in the coming years in this article.

7.) Food Logistics' 2018 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers

Our seventh most read article showcases the Food Logistics’ 2018 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers. The list features those who are doing their part to ensure an integrated and safe global food supply chain, and offers valuable resources for transportation decision-makers, giving them a glimpse into the capabilities of these companies and the geographic regions they serve.

6.)  IoT Gains a Foothold in Food Supply Chains

When the Internet of Things (IoT) first made its way into the industry, the thought was that the technology would integrate into virtually every aspect. In this article, Mary Shacklett details on how IoT is changing the food supply chain.

5.) Applying Supply Chain Best Practices to the Budding Cannabis Industry

Canada made worldwide news this year as it became the first country to legalize recreational marijuana. Even before the legalization, the popularity of food and beverages infused with cannabis oil or concentrate was skyrocketing throughout the states. Though, supply chain best practices for the cannabis industry lagged compared to other sectors. In this 2017 article, Food Logistics editor Lara Sowinski writes on how the fragmented nature of the industry presents challenges of its own.

4.) How the Internet of Things Will Transform Food Supply Chains

Emerging technologies, like IoT, grabbed the entire industry’s attention. Leaders knew the technology could be looked at as a way to improve performance and profit margins by tracking food freshness and predicting and avoiding the spoilage of perishable foods. Read along as we discuss IoT’s potential.

3.) 2018 Food Logistics Champions: Rockstars of the Supply Chain

The fourth annual Food Logistics’ Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award recognizes the industry’s most influential for their hard work, vision a leadership in shaping the global food supply chain. The champions represent different industry segments and individuals who spearheaded partnerships among growers, packers, processors, retailers and logistics providers

To apply for the 2019 Food Logistics Champions award, please click here.

2.) A Case Study in Warehouse Optimization

This case study details on how Merchandise Warehouses takes its operations to the next level with the help of Raymond cold storage solutions.

1.) Blockchain Next on Food Supply Chain Menu

The global food supply chain is rife with complexities. Regardless of whether it’s a question of origin, regulatory compliance or the like, many are focused on transparency. Luckily, the food supply chain now has an ally in blockchain technology. In our most read article of 2018, Food Logistics editor John Yuva dives into the digital ledger and demonstrates how it will impact our industry in years to come.