High Speed Flexible Pallet Delivery System


PowerStage™ is a high speed flexible pallet delivery system designed to operate either independently or in conjunction with a PowerStor™ system.


As the name implies, PowerStage™ is the PAS Americas answer to automated load staging. Controlled by PASWare™, PowerStage™ stages outgoing shipments without error and at incredible speeds. The combination of flexibility and performance creates for a more versatile and superior alternative to traditional pallet conveyor systems.


Flexibility | Agility | Reliability


•High Speed Carts – 420 fpm

•Flexible in layout and configuration options

•High reliability

•Simple control system

•High throughput performance

•Adjustable throughput – just add more carts

•Simple Cart design for ease of maintenance and operation

•Power for Supply System Carts (SSC) through PowerTrack™ system