Golden State Foods Opens Innovation Center in Chicago

This marks the tenth innovation center for GSF.

Golden State Foods

Golden State Foods has opened a new office space and innovation center in Chicago, marking the tenth innovation center to be developed for the company. 

"As GSF continues to grow as a global food manufacturer across five continents, we're continuing to increase our collaboration with our customers who rely on GSF to bring new and innovative food concepts that support their brands," said Brian Dick, corporate senior vice president, Global Manufacturing for GSF. "With this goal in mind, GSF is investing in new talent, facilities and technology all over the world in order to continue to be a true partner to our strategic customers."

The 4,300-square-foot space features product development workstations and was designed to be a food innovation hub as well as to replicate full-scale production systems for efficient commercialization. 

The centers provide the right environment for quality experts, nutritionists, chefs, food scientists and regulatory specialists to collaborate with GSF customers to develop hundreds of new products each year. Due to increased consumer demand for cleaner labels worldwide, experts will also leverage the centers to develop signature products with healthier and more recognizable ingredients.