Five Elements Robotics Launches Robotic Shopping Cart

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Are you tired of wandering around stores for hours trying to find what you came for? Are you done with waiting in lines? Then you will want to shop where Dash Robotic Shopping Cart is.

Dash Robotic Shopping Cart was designed with the frustrated shopper in mind. Simply walk up to Dash, transfer your shopping list from your phone, or create a new list using the store search feature. Then, follow the robot as it maps out the most effective route to your items and takes you to each one. 

Dash is equipped with a scanner and payment system so the customer can scan and pay for their items at the cart. After paying for items, the cart follows the customer to their car for unloading. Once empty the cart returns itself to the store and its docking station.

Additionally, Dash features a virtual reality interface that shows the store to the customer as they walk down the aisles. Looking up, the customer sees the store, looking down the customer sees the VR representation of the store and aisle they are in with their next item highlighted on the screen.

Five Elements Robotics is expecting to launch the shopping carts in stores in 2017. 

"The Dash Robotic Shopping cart will absolutely transform the way we do shopping. Once these robots are in the stores, we will not be able to imagine how we ever shopped without them," says CEO Wendy Roberts.

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