GEODIS, Phantom Auto Create the First Remotely Operated Forklift

GEODIS works with Phantom Auto to help support the disability community in the supply chain, developing a forklift that can be operated remotely.

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GEODIS works with long-range remote operation software creator Phantom Auto on a new forklift that can be operated remotely, which it says will be the first in the industry. The program is aimed to support those in the disability community and increase safety in the workplace, and will provide forklifts that can be controlled up to thousands of miles away. Successful tests recently took place in France. 


  • This cooperation stems from a creative idea from a GEODIS manager and was developed in the framework of the GEODIS internal innovation program. The solution uses a Fenwick forklift combined with Phantom’s secure, network-agnostic, and interoperable remote operation software to enable remote workers to operate the vehicle, unlocking efficiency and equipment utilization gains. For example, one remote worker can operate multiple forklifts at a number of warehouses at different times of the day, all from one central location.
  • GEODIS remote operators, also referred to as digital drivers, will be able to "teleport" between different vehicles and between different warehouses with the click of a button, all from the safety of a distant office. Phantom’s software provides GEODIS’ remote operators with real-time eyes