Analytics Tool Compares Diesel vs. Electric

EVAN (Electric Vehicle Analytic Navigator) is an electric vehicle (EV) life-cycle cost analysis tool designed to help define the future of transportation for corporate fleets.

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Fleet Advantage unveiled EVAN (Electric Vehicle Analytic Navigator), an electric vehicle (EV) life-cycle cost analysis tool designed to help define the future of transportation for corporate fleets. 

Fleet Advantage is well known throughout the transportation and equipment finance industries as leading with innovation and developing pioneering analytics that help organizations maximize their sustainability in operations, while also delivering the lowest total cost of operations,” says Katerina Jones, CMO of Fleet Advantage. 

“This year’s Earth Day and Air Quality Awareness Week recognitions provide an important opportunity to acknowledge how corporate actions can help to build a better climate future for all people,” says John Rickette, VP of portfolio and manager of the transaction management team for Fleet Advantage. “We also recognize that a responsible environment is shaped through sustainability efforts made each day, and we are proud to know our TCO Technology Stack helps fleets make a significant contribution toward the reduction of emissions.”  

From GlobeNewswire:

  • EVAN plays a crucial role in bridging today’s clean-diesel technology into tomorrow’s alternate fuel options.
  • This analytics tool compares diesel vs. an electric class 8 vehicle TCO, with modeling that evaluates fuel and mileage data versus kWh comparisons from the first year through a six-year life cycle. 
  • EVAN takes into consideration various inputs, including equipment cost, charging, cost of energy, cost of diesel, grants, tires, depreciation, etc., and converts them into a cost-per-mile (CPM) to determine the total cost of operating an electric vehicle over its lifetime, allowing fleets to make an informed decision about which type of vehicle is more cost-effective for their fleet.