Configurable Electric Utility Vehicle with Food Box

This lightweight food box is configured to serve hot and cold food and beverages.

Ayro Vanish Rex

AYRO, Inc. released the AYRO Vanish, a low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) with a lightweight architecture and a food box configuration to serve hot and cold food and beverages.

“We designed the AYRO Vanish from the ground up,” says Tom Wittenschlaeger, CEO of AYRO. “From concept to production to implementation, we wanted to make sure every detail was considered. Also, the vehicle is primarily sourced from North America and Europe, with vehicle final assembly and integration in our Round Rock, Texas, facility, thus eliminating concerns regarding rising costs of trans-Pacific shipping, shipping times, import duties and quality.”


From PR Newswire:

  • This new zero emissions LSEV is targeted at the segment of the electric vehicle space where electrification offers the most compelling advantages.

“Our goal at AYRO is to redefine the nature of sustainability,” Wittenschlaeger says. “We at AYRO, working in concert with our customers, are working toward a future where our solutions move beyond just limiting carbon emissions. As we developed the AYRO Vanish, and our future product roadmap, we’re considering tire tread, fuel cells, toxic fluids, discordant sound and even harsh visuals in our designs. It’s everything – sustainability isn’t just a destination, it’s a constantly evolving journey.”