Dutchie and Onfleet Partner to Provide Cannabis Dispensaries with Integrated E-Commerce and Delivery Management Solution

Onfleet has partnered with Dutchie to provide cannabis dispensaries with integrated e-commerce and delivery management systems.

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Onfleet has partnered with Dutchie to provide cannabis dispensaries with integrated e-commerce and delivery management systems.

Dutchie is the market share leader in cannabis e-commerce with $300 million in annualized revenue and hundreds of dispensary customers across 24 U.S. states plus Canada. Dutchie enables people to search the top marijuana stores, find the best cannabis products, place an order online, and pick it up or have it delivered in under an hour. 

Dutchie co-founder and CEO Ross Lipson said they knew that helping dispensary customers add delivery could increase their basket sizes by as much as 80 percent. To help facilitate that, Dutchie wanted to certify its integration with Onfleet’s delivery management software into its ecommerce platform.

“I had worked in the online food ordering space prior to founding Dutchie, and I knew that having the right logistics software was crucial for a successful delivery operation,” says Lipson. “In food, Onfleet is known as the best-in-class choice, so we sought them out, and found they had a lot of experience in cannabis too. So Onfleet was the perfect partner for Dutchie.”

Now through this certified integration, customers who use both Onfleet and Dutchie have a seamless process for managing orders and payments, order picking and packing, routing, delivery, delivery confirmation and delivery updates to customers. Onfleet can optimize routes and provides drivers with a mobile app for collecting signatures for delivery confirmation. Onfleet also sends customers SMS updates on their delivery status.

Dutchie is encouraging all of its dispensary customers to add Onfleet.

According to Khaled Naim, co-founder and CEO of Onfleet, feedback from joint customers has been nothing but positive.

“Dutchie customers who weren’t previously offering delivery report that having Onfleet available as a tool greatly eased the process of adding delivery service,” says Naim. “And customers who already offered delivery find that Onfleet has made the process infinitely easier and faster. We’re really excited to work more closely with Dutchie going forward.”