Omnitracs Expands Partnership with CalArk International

The family-owned carrier is transforming its last mile fleet with Omnitracs routing solutions

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Omnitracs LLC  has expanded its long-time partnership with CalArk International. The family-owned carrier is transforming its last mile fleet with Omnitracs routing solutions. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere will help improve the driver experience through seamless route optimization and greater transparency across the entire fleet.

CalArk International has grown significantly over the last several years, and customer and employee satisfaction continues to be the driving factor behind the company’s expansion. Originally focused on their over the road (OTR) business, recent customer demand for last mile solutions caused the team to rethink their fleet model. CalArk has been utilizing Omnitracs over the road solutions since 2002, which led them to adopt Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere for their last mile needs.

“Over the last two decades, we’ve developed a true partnership with Omnitracs – both with their technology and their people,” said Matt Braslavsky, VP of Information Technology at CalArk. “We’ve grown significantly in the past few years, but our commitment to our customers remains the same: to provide superior service that's guided by the highest ethical standards. Omnitracs is helping us to continue that commitment, while also improving the overall driver experience.”

As delivery expectations continue to shift, last mile needs are becoming a greater priority for many fleets. Companies like CalArk are looking for ways to optimize their routes and increase overall efficiency. With Omnitracs routing solutions, CalArk drivers can make real-time changes to a route’s distance, time, and cost. These capabilities will also help CalArk reduce overall costs and improve their customer service with more transparency around delivery times.

“CalArk is committed to delivering the next generation of last mile delivery and driver experience,” said Greg Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer at Omnitracs. “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership and support them on this journey. With the capabilities of Omnitracs routing solutions, CalArk will meet today’s delivery demands, drive new sources of revenue and enhance the overall customer experience.”

Ranking in the top 500 of more than 770,000 for-hire trucking fleets in the United States, CalArk is well-known for its unique family atmosphere and strong workplace culture. Omnitracs routing solutions also helps with keeping employee retention rates high, as the technology increases driver satisfaction and makes for more seamless route preparation and communication for drivers.