Atlanta tops DAT list of top 10 places to find spot van freight in 2019

Atlanta was the No. 1 market to find spot truckload van freight in 2019

Dat Top 10 Freight Markets In 2019

Atlanta was the No. 1 market to find spot truckload van freight in 2019, according to DAT Solutions, which operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America. A spot load is transactional freight not under contract that a shipper or broker makes available to carriers on the DAT network of load boards.

Fresno, California, was the market with the most available refrigerated loads while Houston was the top market for flatbed freight posts. The rankings are based on an analysis of more than 256 million freight matches and a database of $68 billion in market transactions on DAT load boards in 2019.

Because spot freight is unscheduled freight, it is seen as a dynamic indicator of economic activity. Below are the top 10 markets for outbound truckload freight by equipment type in 2019:

Van loads:

1. Atlanta

2. Ontario, Calif.

3. Dallas

4. Houston

5. Los Angeles

6. Elizabeth, N.J.

7. Chicago

8. Indianapolis

9. Joliet, Ill.

10. Columbus, Ohio

Refrigerated loads:

1. Fresno, Calif.

2. Atlanta

3. Ontario, Calif.

4. Philadelphia

5. Los Angeles

6. San Francisco

7. Elizabeth, N.J.

8. Joliet, Ill.

9. Chicago

10. Dallas

Flatbed loads:

1. Houston

2. Dallas

3. Cleveland

4. Atlanta

5. Fort Worth, Texas

6. Joliet, Ill.

7. Pittsburgh

8. Los Angeles

9. Chicago

10. Lakeland, Fla.