Uber Freight Streamlines Ocean Spray's Supply Chain

Ocean Spray's supply chain has become more complex as the company grows.

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Ocean Spray's supply chain has become more complex as the company grows. With freight challenging the company as the market tightened and on-time delivery became crucial, the company needed an innovative, intelligent supply chain.

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The juice company turned toward Uber Freight as it was able to offer them solutions for critical freight and do it at high service levels.

“They delivered over 1,500 shipments for us in 2018 with excellent service and people who care, all at a fair cost,” says Senior Manager of Global Logistics, Chris Domey in a blog post.

Ocean Spray’s freight is 75% over-the-road truckload, along with some intermodal and less-than-truckload freight, Transport Topics reports. In less than a year, Uber Freight has become a top five transportation service provider from the company, delivering over 400 reviews and actionable feedback directly from drivers delivery at Ocean Spray facilities. 

It was important that Ocean Spray maintain its on-time delivery to its customers, not only to avoid penalties, but to build trust with its customers. According to the blog post, Uber Freight consistently hit on-time delivery for the company's shipments. 

“They’ve quickly moved into one of our top 5 providers,” says Domey. “The relationship with Uber Freight has been absolutely terrific. It’s helping us meet our internal goals of on-time delivery to customers, it’s helping us manage our budget, and ultimately our return back to our family farms. Their contribution to our success goes beyond words.”

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Meanwhile, Uber Freight is working with Ocean Spray to leverage new technologies, such as facility ratings, to increase collaboration across its supply chain. By receiving real-time feed back from drivers, the company was able to make improvements at its facilities.