U.K. KFCs Run Out of Chicken

Two-thirds of KFCs in the U.K. are temporarily closed amid delivery challenges.


United Kingdom’s KFCs are currently in the middle of a chicken shortage, causing two-thirds of its restaurants to temporarily close down. The remaining operating stores having a limited menu and are open for a fewer hours.

An exact cause for the delivery problems haven’t been released, but reports in the U.K. are blaming the delivery service DHL.

"Due to operational issues a number of deliveries in recent days have been incomplete or delayed. We are working with KFC and our partners to rectify the situation as a priority and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,” DHL said in a statement.

KFC has 900 locations spread across the U.K., and as of Monday morning, only 300 were still open.

The company addressed the situation in a tweet, cheekily referencing the “why did the chicken cross the road” riddle.

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