New Logistics Center For Fresh Food For Dutch Grocer Albert Heijn

Dutch retailer Albert Heijn is working with logistics company Norbert Denrtessangle to construct a "Shared Fresh Centre" concept to supply over 900 of its stores.

One of Europe's largest transport and logistics companies, Norbert Denrtessangle, has teamed up with Dutch grocery chain Albert Heijna to build a new distribution center solely for fresh foods. According to a joint press statement,  the new DC will feature what they are calling a "Shared Fresh Centre" concept, and will eventually replace "National Fresh Centres" which operate in Nieuwegein and Utrecht,

Albert Heijn hopes that the center will supply over 900 of its stores and help the company focus purely on getting fresh foods into the customers hands quicker, thus reducing waste.

"We are delighted that Albert Heijn has chosen us as their new logistics partner for the SFC in Nieuwegein," said Herve Montjotin, CEO of Norbert Dentressangle. "It shows confidence in our expertise, both in our retail industry and temperature controlled logistics. This agreement is in line with our ambition to become a leading supply chain management partner who is able to guide them in their strategic development."

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