More Signs Point To An AmazonFresh Launch In New Jersey

The 1 million-square-foot warehouse under construction in Robbinsville is starting to fill its estimated 1,400 full-time jobs.

It's not exactly a well-kept secret anymore, even though Amazon officials still have not publicly announced it yet, but it appears that AmazonFresh will be rolling out in New Jersey later in 2014. This article from the highlights the many signs that the Internet retailing giant has posted job openings, including one for a “food safety manager,” which the article speculates that AmazonFresh, the company’s experimental grocery service currently only offered in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, could be coming to New Jersey.

Amazon Fresh allows customers to purchase fresh produce and groceries but will likely require a strong same-day delivery service; Amazon officials have not confirmed that either will be offered in Robbinsville.

“We have already started posting some of the management positions but we’ll be hiring for both management-level and hourly positions,” Amazon spokeswoman Rebecca Passo Mikulski said in an e-mail. “We’ll start hiring for the hourly positions as it gets closer to the opening date.”

Passo Mikulski declined to comment on whether the job is related to the AmazonFresh program, but the job description notes that employees would be “handling processes for receipt, storage, transportation and disposal of food to ensure the safety of Amazon customers.”

Depending on how much you want to read between the lines, an Amazon executive in the UK may have let slip that the online retailer will soon be going international with the fresh food, same-day delivery concept.

Doug Gurr, Amazon UK vice president, told that "We now believe we have got it right, for customers and growers, and that we can maintain quality. We are trying to roll it out across North America and then, history would suggest, it is followed by international expansion."

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