Canada Signs Another FTA With Honduras

Canadian pork industry praises the FTA that experts predict will lead to increased exports to Honduras

Just weeks after signing an FTA with the European Union, Canada formally signed another free trade agreement with Honduras this week that was agreed to years ago, a free-trade deal that gives Canadian hog producers, pork processors and meat traders restored access to the Honduras market worth an estimated $5 to $7 million dollars in sales in the first year of the FTA according to figures released by the Canadian Pork Council (CPC).

In addition to the FTA, Canada's Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz’s also announced that all pork from Canadian federally registered establishments can be sold into the Honduran market since Honduras has approved Canada’s pork inspection and certification system.

"Canada is a globally competitive and successful producer and exporter of pork and pork products and the key factor to sustaining our success is the ability to access a wide variety of markets,” stated CPC Chair Jean-Guy Vincent at the FTA's signing in the Canadian House of Commons. "The Canadian government’s commitment to trade agreements is key to maintaining existing pork markets and opening up new markets to pork is critical to the Canadian hog industry." To read more, click HERE.