McDonald's Switches to Fresh Beef

The restaurant chain has switched to fresh beef Quarter Pounders rather than frozen patties.

Quarter Pounder

McDonald's has switched to fresh beef Quarter Pounders, rather than using frozen patties. Currently, 3,500 of its restaurants in the U.S. are using the fresh beef and plans to expand to more locations by May.

One year ago, McDonald's pledged to have fresh beef in a majority of its stores by mid-2018. This is the latest improvement that the company has taken to its iconic menu within the last few years. Recently, they stripped cheeseburgers and chocolate milk off of its happy meal menus and have been serving breakfast all day since 2015. 

“Our suppliers have invested about $60 million updating their supply chain to be able to make this conversion from frozen to fresh,” McDonald’s U.S President Chris Kempczinski said in a statement. “McDonald’s is a burger company and there is no better place to start than with our burgers.”

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