Greatwide Logistics Earns CHEP’s Innovation Award

Recognized for excellence in enhanced productivity, cost efficiency, quality and safety.

Dallas: Greatwide Logistics Services, a national provider of third-party logistics services, has been chosen as the winner of the Innovation Award from CHEP. The supplier of pallet and container pooling services presented Greatwide with the honor at its 2010 Supply Chain Symposium held in Orlando FL recently.

This year, CHEP is honoring service center operators and carriers with a Supply Chain Symposium Award in 10 categories in keeping with the theme of the symposium: “All things begin with the customer.” Greatwide received CHEP’s Innovation Award for demonstrating excellence in a service center innovation through enhanced productivity, cost efficiency, quality and safety.

Kim Rumph, vice-president, plant operations at CHEP USA, said companies like Greatwide “play a critical role in our effort to lower costs in the supply chain and reduce waste in the environment.”

Greatwide has been doing business with CHEP for nearly 20 years and currently runs 19 pallet operations for CHEP nationwide, shipping and receiving more than 67 million pallets per year. The pallet logistics services that Greatwide provides for CHEP include pallet distribution (shipping and receiving), pallet quality inspection and segregation, pallet heat treatment, and pallet repair/refurbishment services.

“The typical service center that we operate for CHEP is a high-speed, highly automated, and high-precision operation,” said John Simone, president and chief operating officer of Greatwide. “Our team has clearly demonstrated how we bring people, process, and technology together to add disproportionate value for CHEP’s end customers on a consistent basis over a long period of time.”