Ryder Creates Direct Line of Sight From Warehouse to Final Destination

In logistics, one of the biggest problems in technology is the significance of fragmentation. Ryder's latest platform release looks to solve this with complete visibility in and out of the warehouse.

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Due to the sheer volume of technology platforms in the supply chain, with many companies tapping different providers for many different tasks, the logistics tech industry is now very fragmented. Supply chain managers must deal with numerous forms of technology to get a view of their supply chains. Ryder's latest RyderShare rollout aims to reduce this frustration through complete end-to-end visibility in real time. While the technology originally only focused on the transportation side of things, RyderShare now incorporates the warehouse into its visibility as well. According to Ryder, it is now the only digital platform by a 3PL that provides real-time visibility, collaboration, and exception management throughout the end-to-end supply chain.

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  • In addition to the visibility and collaboration platform, RyderShare incorporates best-in-class business intelligence tools combined with a proprietary analytics solution, backed by a team of data scientists that apply predictive machine learning across supply chains.

“With inventory challenges impacting supply chains, one of the biggest benefits our customers are realizing is the power to track inbound stock in real-time, know with certainty when it hits the warehouse floor, exactly where it’s staged, and when it’s ready to move out,” says Karen Jones, chief marketing officer and head of new product development for Ryder. “Having the visibility of RyderShare inside the warehouse means our customers can better manage their inventory, easily communicate with their suppliers and customers, and have the ability to say, ‘I know this product is a big seller for you. We have some in stock right now. Should I add that to your order?’ That is a tremendous value.”