XStream Trucking Rebrands to TruckLabs, Focusing on Tech

TruckLabs is celebrating 17.1 million fewer pounds of carbon released into the atmosphere with the release of its name change and rebranding.

Guys On Truckabout Us

When XStream Trucking was founded in 2014, the company’s identity was tightly connected to its patented technology to improve semi-tractor-trailer truck aerodynamics. Thanks to the success of that product, TruckWings, the company has logged more than 100 million miles of experience, tripled sales in 2020 and forged close relationships with major fleets.

Building on that success, the company is now taking on a new name, TruckLabs, to better convey the company’s focus on creating solutions that go beyond saving fuel, and enable fleets to gain efficiency and profitability across the business. 

Fleets are dealing with a host of challenges, including driver shortages, digital disruption and higher customer expectations for on-time deliveries. They are looking for technology partners to help them increase productivity and operate more efficiently. 

TruckLabs has assembled a team of hardware engineers, software developers and data scientists who are developing new products that improve driver efficiency and productivity metrics that are aligned with broader fleet management goals. 

“The truck and its driver are at the heart of our business and are central to how we solve problems, innovate and create products,” said Daniel Burrows, TruckLabs’ CEO. “We are here to change how the industry innovates, by combining our passion for the trucking industry with our expertise in hardware, software and big data.”

To date, TruckLabs has saved 1.1 million gallons of diesel fuel, which equates to 17.1 million fewer pounds of carbon released into the atmosphere and a collective fuel savings of $2.6 million. 17.1 million pounds of carbon is the carbon offset equivalent of planting 42,750 trees. 

“With all the upcoming changes facing trucking, from new fuels to autonomy, fleets need technology partners they can trust,” said Mike Roeth, Executive Director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE). “Daniel and team have always listened hard to their customers and it’s exciting to hear about their future plans to expand beyond aerodynamics.” 

Blueprint for Growth 

TruckLabs’ roadmap will build on the company’s ground-breaking TruckWings technology and telematics, which has demonstrated fuel savings of up to 6% across a wide range of equipment and fleet operations. This savings achievement underscores the trend and commitment toward sustainable operations in the trucking industry.

As TruckLabs continues to drive forward with innovation, the truck and its driver will remain as a core tenet of the company. In addition to equipment efficiency, future products will focus on better alignment of the interests of drivers with the fleet through a revolutionary measurement and feedback solution.