Seacore Seafood Utilizes VAI’s S2K for Optimizing Mobile Ordering and Product Distribution

Since implementing VAI’s S2K for Food solution, Seacore Seafood has doubled revenue and sales, grown its inventory by 20%, and automated the fish-cutting process to become 80% more efficient.

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VAI has been working with Seacore Seafood, Canada’s leading importer, distributor, and custom processor of fresh and frozen seafood, for over ten years to streamline Seacore’s operations and scale its business throughout North America. Since implementing VAI’s S2K for Food solution, Seacore Seafood has doubled revenue and sales, grown its inventory by 20%, and automated the fish-cutting process to become 80% more efficient.

Seacore Seafood serves thousands of distribution, retail and wholesale customers through its three divisions – OceanPrime, Fisherman’s Depot, and Seafood Depot. To manage more than 5,000 fresh and frozen items and handle hundreds of order entries per day, Seacore Seafood needs a sophisticated ERP system that can optimize truck routing, verify order shipments, and automatically track inventory. By leveraging VAI’s S2K for Food software which includes S2K Route Management and S2K Inventory Management, the company has increased its truck routing process by 50% and reduced order picking time by 40%.

“Seacore’s business has excelled over the past decade and VAI’s S2K solutions have played a large part in this expansion. With VAI S2K for Food, we have increased visibility into the supply chain, expanded inventory, and have seen exponential sales growth,” said Sal Battaglia, vice president of sales and marketing at Seacore Seafood. “VAI was the only ERP provider who understood the food industry and could uniquely fit our business and growth needs. We look forward to harnessing new capabilities from VAI to optimize product distribution and continue to grow the business.”

Seacore Seafood implemented VAI’s S2K Mobile Order Entry in 2016. Today, Seacore Seafood uses the S2K Mobile application to place orders online. Utilizing the VAI mobile application to automatically enter orders and track inventory online and offline, Seacore Seafood is able to ensure no orders are dropped and customers, sales representatives, and truck drivers are able to look up products in real-time. VAI S2K Mobile Order Entry also equips Seacore Seafood with e-commerce functions – enabling sales representatives to print or email transactions, view customer payments, and see a product’s image, details, availability, and price.

“Mobile is increasingly a top requirement of companies who receive hundreds of orders every day and need full visibility at all times,” said Debajyoti Das, VP, mobile development at VAI. “With VAI S2K Mobile Order Entry, Seacore Seafood is able to receive orders offline from different time zones, ensuring no sales are lost and inventory stays up-to-date.”

In 2020, Seacore Seafood plans to transition to S2K for Food 6.1, the newest S2K food release update from VAI. The update adds automated tools and enhances the user interface for customers to gain deeper insights and ultimately drive more successful business outcomes.