ReeferTrak Mariner System Provides Global Visibility

Marketed for use in the delivery of temperature-controlled products.

Morris Plains, NJ: StarTrak Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alanco Technologies Inc, launched its new ReeferTrak Mariner system for worldwide tracking, monitoring, and control of refrigerated containers. The new system is targeted at about 800,000 refrigerated containers worldwide, used in the delivery of temperature-controlled products.

ReeferTrak Mariner delivers end-to-end visibility for reefer container shipments worldwide, monitoring shipment location and condition in all stages of the container shipping cycle—vessel, shore, and land transportation. It also provides a direct interface to reefer microprocessors (including Carrier, Daikin, Thermo King, and Star Cool) via the Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM), similar to StarTrak’s land-based offerings.

Monitoring and two-way control coverage is worldwide and includes tri-mode digital cellular communications that permit seamless operations in every major country as well as a WIFI system, permitting coverage and control during vessel transport. The service is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)-compliant, enabling integration with existing shipment, booking, and bill of lading systems. The new system already has been deployed with several customers, whose roll-outs are in the planning stage.

StarTrak’s methodology allows users to see and understand the global status of their shipments during land transport, vessel transport, or while held in shore facilities. ReeferTrak automatically provides for transitions between these shipment cycles, permitting container companies to allocate responsibility for each shipment based on its local condition.

The firm also announced issuance of two US patents, which govern shipment of refrigerated containers during land transport of a shipment and during transition into port facilities. StarTrak expects these patents will limit deployment of competitive worldwide reefer monitoring systems since competitive offerings cannot provide visibility while containers are in the United States undergoing transport or while they reside in shore locations. StarTrak has applied for international applications in several nations for one of the patents and expects licensing in 2011.