Top 5 Articles of the Year: 2023

Thank you for your continued readership in 2023. Here are the Top 5 most viewed articles from the year.

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The Food Logistics team thanks you for your continued readership and support through 2023 and beyond. 

Here are the Top 5 most viewed articles on our site for 2023:

Truckers Boycott in Florida Due to Passage of Senate Bill

Florida’s passage of Senate Bill 1718, a new immigration law targeting undocumented immigrants, has triggered widespread controversy. Truckers responded on social media by announcing a plan to boycott driving in Florida. In fact, one in five truckers are currently boycotting or planning to boycott driving in Florida due to Senate Bill 1718, according to a survey by JW Surety Bonds.

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The CO2 Shortage and it's Remedies 

One of the prevalent supply chain themes of 2023 has been the shortage of carbon dioxide, a compound that in itself is tasteless, odorless and colorless and yet is a core ingredient in the food and beverage industries. The brewery industry, in particular, relies on CO2 for the carbonation of its beverages and has been struggling to keep up production due to the shortage.

But the implications of this shortage go beyond just not being able to enjoy your favorite beverage. If CO2 shortages remain serious enough, it could also have negative impacts on health, safety and medical concerns, making it all the more imperative to understand the causes of the shortage and implement measures to mitigate the problem.

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Women in Supply Chain Award Extends to the Food Sector

Now in its fourth year, the Women in Supply Chain award opened its doors to the Food Logistics audience for the first time ever (it was exclusive to the Supply & Demand Chain Executive audience until this year) and took in approximately 426 submissions. The statistics of the 2023 award show continued growth with the hope that in the future, awards like this won't be needed as the equality in the supply chain improves. 

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Top Software & Tech Award Gets a Revamp

This award is now a new product award, honoring new-to-market software and technology solutions, and is open to all solutions that fall within all categories/markets within the Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive audience. It's now broken down into two main categories (Small Business <$50 million and Enterprise >$49 million) and then five sub-categories within each main category: Procurement/ERP Software, WMS/TMS Software, Warehouse Automation; Robotics; and Supply Chain Visibility Solutions.

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El Nino and the Weather Implications

The winter is shaping up to be much different than last winter, especially across the central and eastern United States, and AccuWeather forecasters say one month may leave the biggest impression. “In the United States, our AccuWeather long-range forecast prediction is for it to be colder this winter than it was last year, with temperatures closer to normal,” says Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder and executive chairman, AccuWeather. "We expect to see an increase in U.S. demand for heating overall compared to last year, even though many places in the North will still average below historical demand.”

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