Burton's Food Safety Software Given Frost & Sullivan Award

Canadian developer of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) software wins the prestigious Frost & Sullivan CIO Impact award for its transformative food safety technology.

Richmond, British Columbia-based food safety software company, Burton Software Inc., has scooped up a prestigious Frost & Sullivan CIO Impact award for its transformative food safety technology. The company recently announce they were recognized as a Technology Partner in the Cloud Computing category for its work with Ontario-based client, Hayter’s Turkey Farm.

The Frost & Sullivan judges selected Burton for its flagship product, Icicle - an innovative and cloud-based software platform that helps the food industry improve quality and reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses. This award is given to enterprise teams and individuals enabling breakthrough new business models and strategies through the innovative use of transformative technologies.

Burton Software’s client, Hayter's, was selected as a CIO Impact Award winner for its deployment of Icicle, which enabled Hayter’s to automate their food safety systems, reduce the effort required to pass rigorous Canadian Food Inspection Agency audits, and ensure their products meet the highest safety standards.

“We are very grateful for this recognition as it validates the work we've put into developing a product that can be used by industry to enhance food safety on a global scale,” says Steve Burton, CEO and Founder of Burton Software. “We are delighted that our client, Hayter’s, has also been recognized by Frost & Sullivan. Hayter’s is a great example of a progressive company that understands the need for transformative technologies in order to mitigate the food safety risks that are prevalent globally. As higher standards are being demanded by consumers, big box stores and governments, solutions like ours can help companies like Hayter's ensure their products are safe while reducing costs and regulatory burden.”

Icicle is designed for businesses involved in any aspect of food or food-related industries that require food safety plans or inspections. The technology helps these companies implement comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety plans, document procedures, and undertake real-time inspections to ensure safe food products. Icicle’s standardized and centralized system marks a significant shift away from the fragmented and largely manual industry processes currently used to manage food safety.

Other award winners this year included McKesson, Ricoh, British Telecom, and the San Francisco Giants.

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