New Research Could Make Beer Taste Better

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) is working with Spectrum Agricultural Inc. on technology to detect premium barley kernels.

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) announced news last week that they are working with Spectrum Agricultural Inc., a research and development firm based in Manitoba, on a project to determine a cost-effective way to sort barley kernels with favorable malting qualities from the lower-quality barley kernels using acoustic and optical measuring methods.

The research could lead to an increase in the availability of higher value malting barley for both domestic use and export. Spectrum Agricultural already has an optical-mechanical technology, which it developed and patented, for sorting infected wheat kernels from sound wheat kernels, and they hope to apply the same technology to barley. The challenge is that barley hulls limit what can be identified in the underlying kernel, so the technology will have to be adapted.

“There is a sizeable amount of data to be collected and analyzed in our work with SIAST,” says Dr. David Prystupa, president of Spectrum Scientific Inc., the parent company of Spectrum Agricultural. “By partnering with SIAST, we can significantly reduce our time to market.”

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