Taiwan Firm Busted For 'Tainted' Cooking Oils

Tatung Changchi Foodstuff Factory Co. is caught mislabeling 82 "impure" oils so far

The investigation into impure products at Taiwan-based Tatung Changchi Foodstuff Factory Co. Ltd., took a turn for the worse this week, with the Changhua County Public Health Bureau (CCPHB) announcing the have discovered that sesame oil made at the factory may be tainted as well.

After being tipped-off by an employee, prosecutors found that the company's peanut, chili and olive oils, actually contained no traces of the advertised ingredients and were actually cottonseed oil purposely mislabeled because it is cheaper. Investigators have uncovered 82 “impure” oils so far, and have sealed and removed 66 from the company's factory in Changhua. According to the Food and Drug Administration, as much as 40 percent of imported cottonseed oil was ordered by the company, while 60 percent was also used for oil production in many other food factories. To read the story from the China Post, click HERE.